Jule Deges

Jule Deges is a behavioral scientist, consultant, and accredited coach with a passion for understanding and shaping organizational behavior. Many years in the employee experience/engagement field taught her that while organizations often measure their workforce health, data is all too often discarded and little action is taken as a result. Truly understanding and acting on the needs of individual employees should be at the core of changing organizational behavior. With this mission, Jule has dedicated her career to consulting organizations on how to facilitate successful transformation by building happier, healthier, and more engaged workforces. With an academic background in Positive Psychology and Coaching, her ongoing PhD studies focus on understanding the potential of behavioral economics in learning and development, as a scalable solution to enable long-term learning and behavior change in organizations. She is a moderator, regular speaker on conferences, journal contributor, has published book chapters on Coaching Psychology, and is currently working with one of the leading global scale-ups on digital coaching as a Sr Behavioral Scientist.