Josef Fleischmann

Without a little background information, the biography of Josef Fleischmann might read quite regular: Graduated school in 2013, finished his bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering in a dual degree program at Nokia and then worked part-time as a software developer while getting his master’s degree in energy technology. Now his main focus is building intelligent software solutions for industrial production plants.

What comes as a little surprise is the fact, that he uses a wheelchair because of a condition called “spinal muscular atrophy” which barely enables him to reach his mouth with his hands, let alone drink or eat by himself. Despite this, or maybe even because of this, he leads a very joyful, self-fulfilled and mostly “regular” life. 

He has a way of dealing with obstacles that underline his positive outlook on life. Like when he met his first friend in a new city by asking a complete stranger to warm his hands when they got too cold while being outside and thus, not being able to drive his wheelchair home by himself.

Josef inspires the audience with interesting, funny and thoughtful stories about his daily life and encourages to simply love life.