Jennifer Rigo

Jennifer Rigo studied business management and, through many uncomfortable decisions, she ended up as a social media marketing manager at a multinational tech company, and is also currently starting her own business. She grew up in a context of no academic experience and very little „thinking outside the box“. Her goal was to find her passion, which was very much dissociated from her reality at the time.

The year of 2020 was supposed to be a year of connecting with her roots in Hungary. But unexpectedly, her supposed 2-week trip to Portugal turned into a 4-month stay (due to ongoing flight cancellations because of COVID-19). Despite encountering multiple obstacles, and financial barriers, she decided to embrace this discomfort and give this opportunity a chance.

Slowly, she put aside the paradigm she had learned growing up, of „doing what your environment expects of you“. Against all odds, she discovered her passion for the ideas and creativity of others, and felt the urge to help these people in sharing these creative products. After a lot of“ups-and-downs“, she finally achieved her goal. Today, not only does she influence the online marketing of a multinational tech company, but she also helps artists and other professionals grow their businesses online. 

Her TEDxTalk will be about the power of embracing the discomfort, and how it can open new doors for your future.