Florian Willomitzer

Prof. Dr. Florian Willomitzer directs the Computational 3D Imaging and Measurement (3DIM) Lab at Northwestern University, IL, USA. He was born and raised in the Nuremberg area and graduated from the University Erlangen-Nuremberg, where he received his Ph.D. degree with ‘summa cum laude’. During his doctoral studies, Florian investigated fundamental physical and information-theoretical limits of optical 3D-sensing and implemented sensors that operate close to these limits.

He joined Northwestern University as Postdoc in 2017 and became Research Assistant Professor in 2019. Together with his students and collaborators, he invents, develops, and builds the next generation of computational imaging and display devices that overcome traditional limitations to “make the unseen visible.” Current applications of these systems can be found in medicine, virtual reality (metaverse), robotics, automotive sensing, industrial inspection, or cultural heritage preservation.

Florian is currently General Chair of the OSA COSI conference, and Optics Chair of the IEEE ICCP conference. He is recipient of the NSF CRII grant and his Ph.D. thesis was awarded with the Springer Theses Award for Outstanding Ph.D. Research.

Florian is extremely excited to be back in Nuremberg. In his TEDxTalk, he will share his latest research insights on holographic cameras, which can see around corners and through scattering media.